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The Akiles WireMac M is a high-quality basic twin loop wire binding machine with durable metal construction. It is a binding machine that is definitely head and shoulders above the plastic systems available today. Made to last, it is an excellent choice and a good value. Akiles is known for its efficient, well-made binding machines, and the WireMac M is no exception. Easy to use, with great features, this binding machine is available in either 2:1 pitch or 3:1 pitch and is possibly the most popular manual, twin loop wire binding machines on the market. Features:     The Wiremac M has fully disengageable dies with a 14″ open throat design, allowing you to bind documents as small as a few inches in length and as long a 17″ (with a 2 step punching process). The Wiremac M works equally as well on legal, letter and half letter sized documents. Unlike the many cheap wire binding machines, the WireMac M includes a heavy-duty, easy-to-adjust wire closer that’s so solid, it won’t slip over time. The machine also features a double handled design making it more efficient and durable by separating the mechanisms for wire closing and punching. The Wiremac M is available in your choice of 3:1 pitch (for 3 holes per inch) or 2:1 pitch (for 2 holes per inch). The 3:1 pitch model is perfect for smaller sized books, between 3/16″ and 9/16″ thick. The 2:1 pitch is for larger books that are between 5/8″ and 1-1/4″ thick. In addition, special wires are available for binding smaller documents using the 2:1 pitch machine and the 3:1 pitch machine can also be used with 3:1 pitch spiral coil for a unique look and feel.

Limitations:     Although the WireMac M is quite versatile, there is a limit to the sizes of book you may bind, depending on the pitch you select. Companies who wish to bind documents both thin and thick may want to consider upgrading to the Wiremac Duo, offering the ability to bind with both 2:1 and 3:1 pitch wire. The machine’s clamp-style wire holder is difficult to use when compared to the hook style wire hanger included on many larger wire binding machines. It does, however, become easier the more you use it – just remember not to allow your wire to become compressed or blow moulding machine Manufacturers stretched when placed within the clamp holder. The WireMac M’s closer is on the back of the machine, making it difficult to move to the holder in the front without pages falling out. Some larger wire binding machines place the wire closer up front for easier transportation of the wire for closing. Though the WireMac M is great for low to mid volume users, high volume users may want to consider an option with an electric punch and a stand alone professional wire closer. Construction:     The construction of the WireMac M is indicative of the heavy-duty construction that Akiles is known for. The machine is extremely well constructed. It has all-metal components and is built to last a very long time. Even though the WireMac M comes with a one year warranty, it seldom has problems, and you probably will never need to use the warranty. Recommendation:

The WireMac M is highly-recommended for small and medium-sized organizations that bind documents on a regular basis for its ease of use and extreme reliability. Larger volume users, however, may need an electric punching mechanism and a stand-alone wire closer for maximum effect. With great features at a great value, the WireMac M is the perfect base-level machine for those who want an effective twin loop wire binder in their organization. Put the WireMac on your list if you want a reliable binder at a good value.

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