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Overview:  The C500 is both a plastic comb binding machine and a 3:1 pitch twin loop wire binding machine. This means that it can be used with Plastic Combs, Double loop wire, Proclick and Zipbind.Formerly known as the Ibico Ibimaster 500 binding machine.Great convenient design that folds up for storage and provides a number of different binding options.      Features / Strengths:  Dual punching slots for punching 3:1 pitch round hole wire pattern and 19 hole rectangular holes for plastic comb binding. Capable of binding documents up to 9/16″ with wire, documents up to 2″ thick with combs.Includes a plastic comb opener and a twin loop wire closer for finishing both types of documents.The round hole 3:1 pitch punch is also compatible with 3:1 pitch spiral coil. This makes the C500 one of the only machines available on the market that can do twin loop wire, plastic combs and spiral coil binding.

Compact design folds up for storage making it ideal for organizations that are short on space.Capable of punching standard sized and oversize covers. Ergonomically designed punching handle is ideal for both left and right handed individuals.      Limitations / Weaknesses:  Not ideal for organizations that need to bind odd sized documents since it doesn’t include a depth of punch margin control or disengageable dies.Manual punching is ok for Bottle Making Machine Suppliers lighter volume applications but could become very tedious for organizations that bind a lot of documents.No coil inserter.  This means that 3:1 pitch spiral coil will need to be inserted by hand.      Construction:  Primarily made of plastic.  Plastic body and handle.Decently constructed.

Should hold up to medium volume use.Wire closer design may not hold up over time since it uses a plastic adjustment mechanism to set the closing gap. Care should be taken with this component.      Recommendation:  Great for small and mid sized organizations that are unsure of the type of binding that they need to do. This system gives you five major choices including: Combs, Wire, Coil, Zipbind and Proclick.Conveniently packs away when not in use.Not ideal for high volume binding needs.

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